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Founder and consultant

Marie-Elyse is the founder of M48 Consultation.

An entrepreneur at heart, she is also a lecturer at HEC Montreal, mother of two, passionate about martial arts and Brazilian dance as well as the richness that cultural diversity brings. She strongly believes that removing boundaries and misconceptions in general always leads to something much better!


Marie-Elyse has a solid academic background (with a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in marketing) and more than 8 years of marketing and sales experience in renowned companies such as L'Oréal Canada, HEC Montréal and Intact Assurance.

"Your success will be our success"

Master of Science in Management graduate

Lecturer at
HEC Montreal


Why M48 Consulting ?

While putting together her very first business plans, the founder had a first decision to make: to go into business under her own name or create a business name?


She decided to use a business name because one day, she would like the expertise of her business to not be limited only to her own expertise. M48 Consulting is the reflection of the expertise of a group of people and not a single person.


She also decided on an alphanumeric name, to reflect the bilingual capabilities of the business as well as to reflect both the cartesian and abstract facets of marketing. The balance of these two facets is the basis of marketing success.


M for marketing,

and M for the founder's first name, Marie-Elyse


In numerology, the number 4 represents a solid foundation, embodiement and realization, all which make up the promise of M48 Consultation.


The number 8, when we change our perspective, can also be the mathematical symbol of infinity. This illustrates that when we change our perspective, we can sometimes eliminate our limits.

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